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Experienced, Open Minded, Versatile


I’ve been designing and making for 20 years, for many different environments and on all sorts of scales. As a Creative Artist, Designer maker and a project manager. Wood has always been my favourite material, nature's perfect medium, but I have earned a diverse knowledge of different materials and their applications, so I welcome unusual ideas and thrive on finding elegant solutions in the design and fabrication of any project.

Friendly, Attentive and Thorough 


From an initial idea to complete management I can help with as little or as much of a project as you need. Whether its designing and building a unique galley kitchen or simply putting up some shelves. From a concept sketch to the finished article.  

Honesty and Integrity

Authenticity and Integrity are very important to me in every aspect of my work. For example;
I'd much rather to work to an accurate quote than to a day rate so i never have to compromise quality just to get the job done. I feel there is often too much emphasis on speed and cost cutting in the industry and I think there is a better way.
At Paul Humphrey Woodwork, patience, transparency and honesty are my philosophy.

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