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Often the key reason we need something to be bespoke is to make the best use of the space we have available to us. Whether thats a fitted kitchen or a built in wardrobe, or if that space is unconventional; such as a narrow boat or campervan conversion.

I love the challenge of the unusual and will happily help to find elegant storage solutions, making the most of what room you have. If thats building a kitchen from scratch, even the worktops, or the wheelhouse of a barge. Always using the best quality and most beautiful woods, so there is no compromising appearance for space, or vica versa.
I will frequently opt to use reclaimed timber for its character and patina. Though this can make a task more complex and labour intensive its always worth it,  I'll go to some lengths to source the right stuff for a job. And I believe that age and use enhance woods appearance,. This is a quality apparent in only the finest materials.


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